Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Last day with my Second Graders

I spent this semester in Mr. Fox's second grade class at Superior Hills Elementary School. I had such an amazing time, and learned so much from Mr. Fox. I will be writing more posts about the lessons I taught and the things I learned from Mr Fox, but I wanted to first share how precious these kids and this experience was to me. I had never before had the opportunity to teach an entire class, and having the privilege to work in this classroom with these kids has confirmed once again my passion for teaching. For years I have wanted to become a teacher but now I know that I CAN teach, and even more important, that I love it! Next semester, I'll be doing my field experience in a middle school and although I'm sad to move on from this class of special children, I know that I have a lot more to learn and that those children will become just as important to me.

As a going away present Mr. Fox gave me a gift card to a local book store and a picture book called Math-terpieces by Greg Tang. He used this book with the second graders as a visual for learning about math. 

The kids surprised me with a book called: The Important Thing About Ms. Adair is that she is a great teacher! We Will miss you! From 2F 2012. They based it after the poems in  The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown. 

Here are a few of the pages from the book they made me! 

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