Saturday, March 8, 2014

A long-term sub job for 7th grade ELA? Yes please!

Last week I decided to take a substitute position for the day for a 7th grade language arts teacher. After subbing there for two days I was asked to stay until the end of the year to fill in for a teacher who has some medical issues. 

I decided to take on the challenge!

There are some difficult behavior issues I am up against with these kids, particularly because they have lost some structure and routine from having substitute teachers so often. I feel with some consistency I will begin to see more improvements, but seeing as I have already made progress, I’m simply excited to see what I can accomplish with them. I've already started doing some research for new ideas and have a list of things I need to prepare this weekend.

The hardest thing for me at the moment is that I have no idea where they are in the curriculum yet. I also heard that the district may supply the lessons. This is something that I will need to find out from the principal when we meet on Monday.

I think I may have to start out by doing some “get to know you” activities and work on a few routines. The first week may start out a little rough, but I think once they view me as their new teacher and not just another sub things will go smoother.